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Monday, April 21, 2014

The best chilling place in Sandakan, Borneo: Balin Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, Nak Hotel.

It's a gem hidden is a small town Sandakan, Sabah, Borneo. You can't tell there's this awesome ROOFtop bar at the highest floor of Nak Hotel. This hotel is situated at the heart of Sandakan City and it's one of the oldest buildings. Once you came out at the highest floor the lift would bring u, u may need to climb a lil staircases on ur right to reach the breathtaking rooftop bar. I'm not exaggerated and FYI, this is not a sponsored post thou. You need to come and witness this urself.

 Look at the ambience. It's so comfy and relaxing.

 Spectacular seaview. Tips: awesomely good place to enjoy sunset :)

 Calm city view at night.

Balin Rooftop Bar at night. Tips: You can just lie down on the timber panels and gaze at the sparkling stars in the open sky while having a sip of your favourite drink. Ahh... life.... (this is what i did)

Aren't you curious why they name after this place as 'Balin'? Lemme share some of their history with you.. It started with a random check of the rooftop on what causes the leakage to the building. And so in 2008, with some planning and detailing, Balin was finally borned - with some seat, growing number of plants and trees and serving foods n drinks. The background of the name is literally translated from chinese, it means "Eight Forest" as this lil forest is situated on eight floor. How wonderful this lil secret garden turned into a retreat for friends and families.

Look at their newspaper menu. I love how they put every details in such a lovely way. I've tried most of their foods and i would recommend their insanely-crunchy-thin-crust-pizza, hot-wings and the Big brunch!

Chips n meatballs.

 Cuppas + panoramic view



they do offer some goodies for u to bring home: tea, coffee, jam etc etc..

They hv a games box too: assorted board games, playing card and this hilarious truth-or-dare set.

Good place, good music, good foods, friends and laughters. What a combination :)

 Rainy days? They hv indoor area with air-cond too.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

La Dolce Bake Shop @ Lintas Station, Kota Kinabalu [Most comfy cafe in kk]

La Dolce Bake Shop is situated at ground floor of Lintas Station, Kota Kinabalu. It's the best comfy cafe in kk. From the moment u walk in, it strikes u as a quaintly place. The services that you'd get here is excellent. Their staffs r so helpful and always with a smile on their face.

They r very attentive to the extend that they will refill your water without having you to ask for it. And they offered me iPhone charger when my phone's batt r drenching. And the best of it, you know, there are times when u r alone at the cafe and ur gadgets as well as stationaries r all over the table; and you want to go to the washroom..... They r so kind to take care of my stuffs while I'm away:) What else u can ask for more? 

But.. (There's always a but lol) they only operate until 7pm. And, however, their foods are just moderate. 

This lil quaint place is a nice, quiet hideout perfect for own studying, reading, relaxing or catching up with a good friend.

 The kind of place that feels like "u r back at home".

Hi-tea set: rm9.90
Americano and 3 pcs of sandakan UFO tarts. The coffee was okay but the tarts taste so diff from those I had in sandakan thou. And I've tried their speggetti too which is just okay. They actually mentioned that their specialty is cheese cake, shd hv listen to em' at the first place, will gv it a try on my next visit.

#likeaboss XD

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Muffinz Deli Cafe @ Magellan Sutera Resort, Kota Kinabalu [Best bagel in Kota Kinabalu]

It's a gem hidden at level 1 of this 5 stars hotel and it's situated just at the fringe of CBD of Kota Kinabalu. The resort itself is a paradise on earth having the spectacular sea view which compliments to this cafe. 

They provide wide range of food varieties, ie. cakes, cookies, crepe, pies, salads, sandwiches, baguette, bagel, ciabatta, focaccia, pita, truffles, ice creams and etc. However, their coffee is so so only. You may opt for bottled drinks instead.

This is the best bagel I ever had in kk. They serve it hot and the best thing is that u can customize it to ur own liking. Priced at rm22.

I've tried a few of their cakes and there's nothing to brag about. 

Oh, good news!! The cakes, muffins n pies are all 50% after 10pm. Meaning to say, their pastries are daily fresh made. Prices ranging from rm10-14 per slice.

Variety of truffles. Rm1.50 each.
Macaron rm2.90 each.

Big cookies.

Classic Doughnuts for only rm3 each.

Hot muffins. Prefer something hot n savory? There u go: beef pies, chicken & mushroom pies, quiche and etc. Rm15 each.


And yes, free pool games for customers. Yay... It opens til 11pm. Definitely a cool gathering place, kids friendly and a comfy reading place. And ample of free car parking lots too. Awwwsomeness!! Xx

October Cafe @ The Peak, Kota Kinabalu

October has been my favourite coffee place in kk. Well, there's not much options here after all. This 24 seaters coffee place (yes, I actually counted the seats) with a very personal atmosphere is situated at The Peak which approximately 1km away fr CBD. 

The owner is a Korean named Danny and sometimes you'll see his wife n children at the cafe. The staffs are friendly and extremely dedicated. Service with a smile to make u smile (smiles r contagious u know). Importantly, the coffee is consistently excellent with a nice balanced non-acidic flavor n perfect foam. I just love it. Food is good. The choice, however could be a bit wider. I would love to see more cakes or patisserie on offer. The price is reasonable, ranging fr rm5-9. And their toasts r only rm7.80. In a nut shell, lovely place, warm n nice cuppa.

Oh wait, there's one thing I dislike about this place is that it always full! Half of the time I was turned down n detour to other cafe to curb my coffee fever. And this is the reason why I've counted the number of seats. 

Decorated with books, plants, toys and unique wooden furnitures as well as an enormous wood painting on the wall of the cafe.

They used to serve this set-lunch with a cup of Americano n toast for only rm9.90

The best toast in town: Honey Toast

They own bake cookies. 4 pieces for rm5.80 (cranberry, green tea, sesame and chocolate)

I've tried their Hokkaido cake and I don't really like their cream. Kinda buttery for my liking. I prefer the ones with fresh cream plus a hint of custard. 

The perfect cappuccino (in kk so far)

Their green tea latte, however, too milky n could hv add stronger green tea flavor in it.

No worries if u can't take caffeine. They do hv non-coffee be beverages. This Organic Soy Nut is so rich n creamy :))

Their French toast with lotsa of fruits!!!! Besides, their Korean Toast is not bad at all. Savory kind of toast with ham & carrot omelet.

Definitely a good place to read n chillax 

All smiles :))) (even their utensils r so cute)


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore USS - hollywood, new york, madagascar, sci-fi, egypt, far far away, lost world

A place that can bring you go beyond imagination n ride the movies.. Basically they hv 7 zones. Lemme bring a tour to this lil trilling world of movie magic... Ready to be dazzled n delighted??? Here you go...

Then massive symbolic globe of the Universal Studios Singapore at their main entrance. While ur friend r queuing for ur ticket, the rest of u can start taking selfie at here.

Far Far Away

From the movie Shrek. Shrek, Princess Fiona and Puss in Boot will greet u in their royal ogre-style.

One of the main attraction is the Shrek 4-D adventure where u can see, hear and actually feel the action right at ur seat.

Donkey live interesting show is where u can sing along n talk wif Donkey in an intimate theater setting.

Another two more attractions for kids, I.e.  Magic Portion Spin (Ferris wheel) and Enchanted Airways (junior roller coaster).


I was impressed as soon as the moment I stepped into the Hollywood Boulevard itself where u r surrounded by their dynamic architecture and also their walk of fame!!

Monster Rock, is where u can watch the Universal Classic Monster in a Rock n Roll version at Pantages Hollywood Theater.

Here is where u can enjoy the street entertainment such as hipster, rattle n roll, Mel's dinettes, the cruiser n etc..

In the event of tiredness, no worry, there's eateries at every corner of USS. And they r all unique in their own way n themed.

New York 

Okay, not trying to be exaggerated, but seriously this is one of my fav zone at USS. Their ambiance is breathtaking. U can feel the classic landmarks, impressive skylines,and facades..

Lights, Camera, Action! - hosted by Steven Spielberg!!! No joke.. It was mind blowing. U can feel the hurricane force winds sweep right at ur face. 

Oh, they do hv a space mission for Elmo to steal all the spaghetti from Earth lol..

Can't get enough of the furry Sesame Street friends? Catch em close up enuf when they present their street stage show..

Sci-Fi City

They call it the city of future at this zone. Here u can experience the intergalactic battle on the whirling n twirling attraction. 

Transformer the ultimate 3D battle ride.


Fr "New York" to the "city of future" and then suddenly u hopped into a dense of tropical. Magical tour I would say..

A crate adventure is a river boat ride wif the four heroes, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria.

There's a Merry-go-round for the kids too... The crazy carousel with the Madagascar characters.

Ancient Egypt

Now let's travel to an era of ancient pyramids and discover the Pharaoh tombs..

Now, embrace urself to plunge into the total darkness indoor roller coaster. It's a total surprise as u can't predict the movement of the crate when u r in the dark and the most special of it is that it's actually moving backwards on a high speed!!!! And they called it Revenge of the Mummy. Awesomeness...!

Okay, if u r not that adventurous kind of person, no worries.. Sitting in ur very own desert jeep and explore the abandoned Egyptian excavation site while treasure hunting, now, sounds good to u?? 

The Lost World

It's generally divided into two themes areas, namely Jurassic Park and Waterworld. 

I wanna confess a bit here. Due to the stunts that filled with thrills and spills... I was too overwhelmed by it and hence..., I didn't took much photo here. 

Some of their attractions include
- Amber Rock Climb
- Canopy Flyer (bird's eye view of the Jurassic park)
- Dino-Soarin (children ride)
- Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure (water raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats and where u will get wet n possible get soak, so pls go get a rain coat my fren)
- Waterworld (live water show)

I apologize again for lack of photos here. But it's okay... It's for u to find out n to explore.. It's a place for young and old where u can go wif ur friends n family n.. be amazed... :)

For more info, u can log into their official website at here

Luv n hugs xx.